The beginning

When Finland transitioned to digital broadcasting technology in September 2007, Yleisradio (the Finnish Broadcasting Company) decided to overhaul all programme identities of their news and current affair programmes on television, radio and the Internet, and to make them uniform. Yleisradio organised a national design competition,which our proposal won.


What was done

The Finnish Broadcasting Company set the content-related goals for the project. Based on these goals we composed a versatile theme melody
which communicated both reliability and internationality to be used in conjunction with the main news broadcast on television. This basic melody formed the foundation of a family of theme melodies for use in thirteen different new and current affairs programmes. Apackage comprising a total of over 60 recordings was adapted to suit the profile of each programme so that different theme melodies shared certain thematic and audiovisual elements.

What was accomplished

The sound identity of the Finnish Broadcasting Company was made uniform and up-to-date as desired by the client.