Valio Polar

Where it began

The repositioning of the Valio Polar cheese, on the market since 1979, was conducted in cooperation with advertising agency Sek& Grey in 2002. The strong women of the North, the unique nature and mythology inspired the team to seek a new image through words, images and music.


What was done

At first we researched  commercial recordings  for appropriate musical solutions. Theme music resembling a folk melody was composed based on the chosen example and nature themed opening lyrics where used. Then the music was adapted an recorded into a whole which incorporated the sound effects intended to enhance the commercial film.

What was accomplished

The newest addition to the Valio Polar cheese family, the low fat Polar 5, exceeded all expectations as well as the production capacity for a short period of time. The new theme music was widely discussed on online music sites and Valio and MTV3 received several inquiries regarding the origin of the music. The strengh and individuality of the theme has made later adaptations into different genres, styles and formats easy without sacrificing the regognizability of the melody.