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Samuli Laiho

Composer, lyricist, producer and guitarist.

Samuli completed his Master of Theatre Arts in 1998 and has since written pop songs and music for commercials and companies. Alongside his work at Soundslike, Samuli produces music together with Vellu Maurola under the name Gin&Juize and composes for Warner Chappel.

As a musician, Samuli has worked in the bands Hearthill, Ismo Alanko Säätiö and Spirit of Hurriganes, and performed on the albums of Paleface and DJ Slow.

Samuli wrote the hit songs Kaikki tahtoo and Pieni sydän, and he has worked on the music for travel agency Aurinkomatkat, Reissumies, the Tykkimäki amusement park, the films Levottomat and Rollo and the Woods Sprite as well as major stage productions for the Finnish National Theatre and the Ryhmäteatteri theatre group.

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Some examples of Samuli´s work