Where it began

Founded in 1955, A-Rakennusmies carried out a brand overhaul in 2001 and started operating under the name Ramirent. The cartoon character named Rami, created by the advertising agency Skandaali had been strongly established as a key element of marketing for Ramirent. Rami was an honest, hardworking Finnish builder to whom nothing was too big a challenge. He just needed a voice.


What was aimed for

Ramirent wanted to make its brand communication more approachable and increase its focus towards the target group. The company wanted to enhance the connection to its customers  by taking full advantage of the Rami brand personality, including his voice. A rowdy song for Rami was commissioned from the composer to engage the core clientele of the company in particular - men who rent heavy machinery.

What we did

We came up with a playful chorus "RamiRamiRamiRamiRamirent", featuring a record-breaking quintuple repetition of the brand name within 1.5 seconds. We studied the Ramirent catalogue and chose products which could be used to create playful double-entendres without crossing the boundaries of good taste. We composed and recorded a three-minute ditty, the "Ramiralli", which could later be easily edited into clips of different durations to be used in various situations in the company's marketing communications.

What was accomplished

Different edits of the "Ramiralli" were used in radio advertising in particular, including spring-time campaigns with current products advertised through brief voice inserts. A series of rowdy hits from years past was licensed and, together with the Ramirally, produced into a compilation album intended to be given out as gifts at client events. The record was also released as a commercial version, "Haalarihitit" ("Hits in overalls"), over 10,000 copies of which were sold in retail.