Klaus K


Klaus K is the first design hotel in Finland. We were commissioned to design the concept and implementation of a distinctive sound identity for the hotel. The client wanted the music and sound to support the foundation of the Klaus K brand , a strong theme rooted in the Finnish epic Kalevala. The client also wanted to utilize the music as a central element in the premarketing of the hotel.


What was done

A theme melody was composed for Klaus K and it was used in the marketing of the hotel as early as a year before it opened.  Klaus K sent a promotional package to its partners before the grand opening ,including a cd with the hotels own music. A distinct sound-world was designed, down to the sounds used in the voice mail service and the on-hold music. In addition the background music of the hotel and its restaurants and a branded record was produced for the hotel, titled SlowHill ”Fennika – Special Klaus K edition”.

What was accomplished

”By bringing music and the sound-world into our marketing communications we stood out allready at the launch phaze. Vellu Maurola and his team did a fantastic job in turning our brand concept into sound. In addition to the original music we received a selection of background music for the hotel and our restaurants. Overall our brand is cohesive, strong and distinctive!”.

Marc Skvorc,
Hotel Manager
Klaus K