Where it began

We produced a piece of classical commercial film music for Finnair in 1995 that was composed by Leri Leskinen. Even as the marketing leadership of Finnair felt that it was well suited with the companies vision and values the music did not excatly match the needs of being used in many different forms of marketing.


What was aimed for

There was a need to find out how the existing music corresponded to the needs of the brands image goals and how much the music can be updated while observing these targets . The desired end result was a broader sound library for the needs of marketing communications.

What was done

To investigate this issue a qualitative brand image research was conducted in Helsinki and London in co-operation with MAPS Ltd and Purple Doors. The subject of the research was the existing traditional brand music and adapted chill-out remix versions as well as the brand music of a competing airline.

What was accomplished

The research results confirmed that both the traditional version and its remix supported the brand image goals quite consistently at both reserach locations. Among the younger target group the associations evoked by the modern remix where experienced as more positive and desirable  than the other music. The research report proved that more contemporary version of the brand music can be created while still supporting the brand goals.

After the research was completed, a sound library featuring several versions of the brand music in different styles and durations was created. The music has since been used systematically in different contexts and new versions have been added to the library as needed.