Fazer Sininen

The beginning

In 1977, popular songstress Katri-Helena was the first to record the theme song for the Fazer "Blue" chocolate, dubbed "Hetki Sininen" ("Blue Moment"). During the following 20 years this melody, composed by Martti Pohjalainen, was adapted for several TV and radio advertisements, and over time, its mood became a significant element of the brand image of the Fazer "Blue" chocolate. The same version of the melody could not be used everywhere, however, and it was gradually phased out of active use in marketing. At first the song was turned into an instrumental version until it was completely dropped in the beginning of the 2000s.



Fazer wanted to find out how the theme music for the "Blue" chocolatecould be updated and reintroduced into their brand communications. The company wanted to estimate the value of the original music and its significance for the brand, and investigate the associations and emotions it evoked in people. The overall goal was to uncover opportunities to update the music and make it more appropriate for the needs of contemporary media.


Commissioned by Fazer and advertising agency Hasan&  Partners, wedesigned a music research. Research agency Maps Ltd carried out the qualitative portion of the research. In addition, a quantitative test on the recognisability of the melody was conducted online. For the purposes of this research, a neutral piano adaptation of the melodywas created, along with a chillout version produced by DJ Slow. The research results indicated that the music supported the image goals of the Fazer "Blue" chocolate well in all age groups. The vocal version was the most popular one, but research subjects could also connect just the melodies with the brand. The results also supported the goals to update and adapt the music.

What was done

The decision was made to return the melody back to its place as thecentral content element of the marketing communications of the Fazer "Blue" chocolate. The development of the melodywas begun, and several different instrumental and vocal version were produced for use in commercial films, radio advertisements and online.

What was accomplished

The vocal versions in particular aroused a great deal of interest and online discussion when they were released in 2005. Fazer "Blue" continues to be the most valued brand in Finland and a market leader in its field.