ELLE Style Awards

Where it began

ELLE, the biggest fashion magazine in the world, strives to make its annual fashion gala the number one event in the field. Our job was to design a sound identity fitting for the ELLE brand for a televised event with the fashion elite in attendance.


What was done

The framework for the sound identity was defined in discussions with the client. The goals, target groups and needs of the brand were taken into consideration and background music was composed for the event. Based on this, the other music used in the event was selected.

What was accomplished

The music at the event reached the VIP guests in the audience and the next day, a larger audience when the event was broadcast. Even though the elements of the event where very different in content, a cohesive whole was created through the music. The strong memory generated by the sound identity in support of of the visual image can later be utilised for different purposes in marketing and coming events.