The first company in Finland to specialise in audio branding

All companies look like something but only a few have distinctive sound

Soundslike is the first company in Finland to specialise in branding audio.

The people behind the company are  top professionals in music and audio branding. Our mission is to  enhance our customers business by systematically utilizing  audio and sound. We design and carry out  scalable sound and audio solutions for multiple client contact situations that stand  the test of time and also meet the changing needs of marketing communications.

Every company has a visual identity and guidelines how to utilize  it in different situations  but how many companies speak with their own voice in a thoughtfull and systematic manner?

In addition to working at Soundslike our producers work on a daily basis with leading executives of  record companies, established artists and musicians.

As a result both domestic hits and internationally known chart-toppers are created. When it comes to creating audio for brands the bar is set even higher.