Blyk is a new kind of media platform which connects young consumers to the brands they like through mobile operator services. The sound identity of the emerging company had to be in line with the new, previously unpublished brand. Keywords were "modern", "technological" and "approachable". The intention was to communicate the brand image in a stylish fashion that would gradually create long-term recognition instead of making a big, showy impression. The chosen media were the Internet, mobile devices, events and the offices of the company.


What was done

A stylish, brand-appropriate audio identity was designed together with the Blyk design team. Through several versions of the audio logos and theme melodies, a Blyk music library was created, in which all music is in line with the company brand. As all the licenses had been cleared, the use of these melodies in a variety of situations/formats is fast, easy and safe - and 100% in line with the brand goals.

What was accomplished

Blyk received their own music library as well as an audio logo to support their strong visual image. Sound and music are used in a versatile way in different contact situations. Blyk operates in a media environment in which standing out is essential. A well-designed sound identity is an excellent aid in accomplishing that goal.