Audio branding

What is audio branding?

What does summer sound like? Or how about a Formula One race? The Circus?
How about a candle-lit dinner?

Audio branding uses sound to help create and implement a more distinctive brand image. It is a way of thinking about sound as an integral element of the brand and the acts of brand-building and the process of planning, building and managing  in long term, the associations which consumers connect to the brand when they encounter sound or music related to it. It is a shortcut from recognition to emotion.

Unlike visual signals, music engages our own experiences and our shared traditions directly. It only takes a few seconds to convey the emotion and image which are directly saved to our built in hard drive in our heads.

In a world of electronic media, audio branding is much more than a sound logo or a jingle at the end of an ad. Audio branding stands apart from the noise and, more importantly, delivers the essential information of the brand in a nanosecond. As the points of encountering marketing messages shift from the commercial breaks to events, service design and entertainment, sound or music can be the only link a brand has between a variety of media.

Now, think about chocolate. What do you hear?

Audio branding can work for you, if

  •  you want to include more emotion and character in your marketing communications
  •  you want to add sounds and music to your communications toolkit
  •  you want more bang for your media buck

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